Monday, June 14, 2010

Kue Pandan (Pandan Chiffon Cake)

Kue Pandan is my favourite cake since I was a little girl. My mum used to bake this cake once in a while or I used to buy it at school canteens. As I remember, a slice of kue pandan was around 1000 rupiahs (A$0.12).  Incredibly cheap!

I recently baked this cake to celebrate my birthday with friends. I practiced a week before to ensure that the recipe worked. Well... first attempt was slightly burnt on top but cake rose as expected. Second attempt for my birthday was perfect and I was very happy.  I think it's a nice birthday present to be able to bake my own pandan chiffon cake. Thanks Tata for letting me know this recipe and suggested me to use 5 eggs instead of 4 eggs.

Here are some snapshots for baking kue pandan:

I used vegetable oil instead of corn oil and it worked fine.

Prepare pandan leave juice and coconut milk. I added two drops of pandan paste until the colour was right.

Mix egg yolks, salt and half amount of sugar.

Add pandan coconut milk, then stir in self-raising flour.

Add vegetable oil and blend well.

Beat egg white until big bubbles are formed, add cream of tartar.

Beat further to soft peak, add sugar little bit at a time. Beat to stiff peak.

Pour half egg white to the flour mixture. Fold with spatula. Pour the rest of egg white and mix well.

Pour into the baking tin. Even the cake surface using a spatula and put into pre-heated oven at 180 deg for 30-40 mins. Test with a skewer if the cake is fully baked before pulling it out from the oven.

Cool the cake up side down for at least 1 hour.

Gently pull the cake from the baking tin. Cake is now ready to be served!


  1. Kelihatannya enak tuh kuenya ^^. Kaget juga nih ternyata Magda juga nge-blog. Lebih lama dari aku malah,hehehe. Da, coba deh dioptimasi blognya supaya bisa nampang di posisi atas pas orang2 search tentang resep di search engine. Kalo bingung langkah-langkahnya bisa kunjungi blog ku

  2. Thanks buat feedbacknya. Iya nih ngeblog utk koleksi resep yg enak2. Hehehe...